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Since its inception, PEACE has worked on promoting integral development amongst the extreme poor communities in urban and rural areas.

The establishment of PEACE seeks to implement programmes which are aimed at empowering the poor and marginalized people to support and improve their livelihoods. These programmes are implemented both directly and indirectly in association with other development agencies. PEACE designs projects that are innovative, appropriate, and locally adaptable and strives to strengthen the communities’ ability to participate in implementing such projects, thus mobilising resources for self reliance.

To ensure success of these projects, PEACE engages in productive performance related partnerships with other strategic organisations and institutions. These partnerships have helped in identification, planning and implementation of community programmes that enhance the social and economic livelihoods of the citizenry.

To facilitate capacity building processes

Among the vulnerable communities, development institutions and small scale enterprises. To this effect the organization fosters institutional strengthening and appraisal so as to realise equitable, sustainable and a fair playing ground for all people.

Community capacity building in project management skills (Project cycle management- PCM) and leadership skills. And Training communities on rural savings, credit schemes, income activities and encouraging them to form savings and credit cluster

Facilitating Participatory Rural Appraisals (PRAs), Participatory Rural Learning and Action (PRLA), Participatory Integrated Development Approach (PIDA) visioning, Community dialogue oriented planning, Result oriented planning (ZOPP) and focused group discussions.

Facilitating formation of community based organizations (CBOs) and strengthening their capacities to plan and implement development activities.

Facilitating the stepping stone methodology (SSM) for community empowerment, needs assessment, planning and behaviour change in their own development initiatives. This process seeks to strengthen livelihoods of grass root communities to enhance their local assets and enabling them to better cope and become more resilient to the changing dynamics of social, economic and environmental conditions that influence their local production and reproduction systems.

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