About Us

The Poverty Eradication and Community Empowerment (PEACE) is a non-partisan broad based national network with community outreach networks across the country. PEACE was established and registered in 2005 as a National  Non–Governmental organization with a broad objective of promoting integral development against extreme poverty targeting communities in both urban and rural areas. PEACE is committed to building and strengthening solidarity among the communities through mobilization, lobbying, advocacy and sensitization activities to enable the populace influence the political, economic and social decision, processes and institutions in their communities. PEACE values justice for all, inclusion of all irrespective of sex, age, religion, education and social-economic status, we value participation by all stakeholders and sustainability in development.

PEACE operates four main programs namely: a) Community Empowerment Program, b) Peace and Security program, c) Human Rights program and d) Research and Advocacy program. The key capacities of PEACE under the above programs includes peace building and conflict management, conflict resolution, civic education, crime and violence prevention, relief food (services) provision and food for work, assets coordination, entrepreneurship/business administration, micro-finance initiatives, sustainable agriculture/agronomy, community economics, cooperatives formation & management, sociology and social development, community development, natural resources management, forestry, animal production, project management  and group leadership.

The organization has concentrated on building legitimacy by seeking to establish itself with partners at the grassroots’ level. It regularly carries out Participatory Rural Appraisals (PRA) in collaboration with the affiliated groups in seeking funding from donors to initiate short and long term integrated projects. Priority is given to building the confidence of the community target groups in order to generate partnerships which will energize their operation processes and enable them rebuild their lives based on the right values and principles. PEACE also puts more emphasis on empowering women and youth through co-ordination, facilitation, capacity building and training as they are the majority of the population with lower financial capabilities. This follows the notion that in the African culture, the men have a right to the ancestral land and the women are always left out with no resources to earn a living.

The Organization is committed to accelerating poverty reduction strategies and strengthening safety nets to mitigate the impact of poverty in the target areas. Poverty reduction is the core problem affecting the majority of the people, directly or indirectly, which must be targeted. The strategic plan of the organization focuses on what must be addressed for the organization to deliver quality services. This will be achieved by building existing strengths, capacities and on-going programmes as well as exploring opportunities available from external sources. The organization work is designed to positively transform the unfair socio-economic structures that generate poverty, oppression and violence among people and above all it is dedicated to promoting human rights, justice, peace and viable human development. The organization has a people-centred approach based on participation, team working and decision-making which is both transparent and timely.